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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Liban in a Critical Situation

Out of experience, you can tell whether Jumblatt is worried or not. During his last interview, he was quite, and he didn't move back and forward a lot as he usually does when he's worried or anxious. I agree with you that we are into a very critical period, from now till the presidential elections next year, but seeing Jumblatt relaxed kinda gave me a little sense that things are going the right way for Liban, all what we have to do is to continue what we are doing; supporting the government, spreading the army's control over all of Liban, and keep trying to find a solution for HA arsenal.

In the mean time, we are all waiting for Nasrallah's speech on Fri. And Geagea's one on Sun. Let's just hope that things will have some sort of stability, though it would be unacceptable if Nasrallah chose to attack, that Geagea and the rest of March 14th choose to defend or minimize the tension, I believe it's the time that we raise up our voice and demand what we should have demanded long time ago ever since the majority won the elections. Let's wait and see..

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AM said...

I hope you represent the majority in the country ya Failasoof.