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Monday, September 18, 2006

Thanks to Taxis, I had a Marathon!

So, we did our pharmacology exam this morning, and decided we need to start checking out Beirut. Ozz and I decided to explore "Hamra". So we took a taxi from Achrafieh to Hamra, which was very easy thing to do, that Ozz started telling me: "See, we don;t need a car in Beirut!". Just so you know, Ozz is my roommate, and we have been arguing about having a car in Beirut; I believe a car is a MUST, while he keeps saying that we don't need a car at all.

After like an hour an half in Hamra and Bliss, we decided it's time to go back home. We assumed that it would be as easy to go back to Achrafieh as it was coming to Hamra. But boy, were we mistaken or what? We spent more than 30 min. Pegging each and every taxi to take us to St. Georges Hospital in Achrafieh, but none of the -read carefully- 20 taxis accepted to give us a ride!

We thought that if we moved to Kourniche, our chances would be better in getting a taxi. And once again, we were mistaken. After an hour waiting for a damn car, we decided to start walking back home. Poor us, we spent almost an hour going through downtown Beirut, Jemayze, Soursoc road and then back home.

Once I got home, I hit the showers to get rid of all the sweat. One good thing came out of this loooooooong marathon, was that Ozz was finally convinced we need the car to stay alive in Beirut. So, starting next week, we're gunna alternate in taking our cars while we are in Beirut :)

On our trip, I came across a lovely-small-classic-car in Downtown Beirut, and I couldn't help myself taking a picture of it, ans I thought of sharing it with you.


AbouSteif said...

Failasoof, can u please tell us why 20 taxis refused to take you back to Ashrafieh??

FaiLaSooF said...

I HAVE NO IDEA! it was so annoying! i guess maybe cz it's too busy n it takes u almost 30 min from hamra to achrafieh and all u have 2 pay is a lawzy 15000 L.L. But since Ozz is convinced that we need a car now, i'm more than happpy that taxis didn;t stop for us :)

FaiLaSooF said...

sorry the correct amount u have 2 pay for the taxi is 1500L.L = 1 $

Liliane said...
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Liliane said...

Well usually you need two taxis from west beyrouth to east beyrouth (geographically speaking).

So you wanna buy a daewoo espero 95? :P

(I deleted my previous comment to fix a spelling mistake)