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Sunday, September 17, 2006

May their Souls Rest in Peace

Yesterday, I heard that Fuad El Mohandes, a famous Egyptian actor, died. Not along time ago. Abdel Men3em Madbouli - another famous actor- and Najib Mahfouz -Nobel Prize winner- died too. And in September 2001, the Arabic screen Cinderella, Souad Hosni, died in UK.

These people had a great influence on my life. I grew up watching their films and plays. I can still remember how my friends, family and I used to set around the TV in the living room in the middle of the winter, laughing our asses off while watching these great people performing in front of us. Who can forget Souad Hosni in "Khalli Balak men Zozo"? Or the lovely "Toot, toot" song by Abdel Men3em Madbouli, or the hilarious "shou3a3" scene in Fouad el Mohandes' play? Or the touching novels by Najib Mahfouz?

May their souls rest in peace, they were amazing people that enlightened our lives in many ways, and shaped the comedy of the Arabs in the last century.....

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