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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Yet Another Scray Scenario: Episode 1

  • Syrian security forces killed four attackers Tuesday outside the U.S. Embassy in Damascus after a car exploded near the walls of the American compound, the Syrian Information Ministry said. (CNN)
  • Attackers tried to drive two cars at the embassy compound but three men were killed by guards and a fourth was captured, the interior minister said. (BBC)
  • While on a trip to Canada, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice extended condolences over the death of the Syrian security guard.
    "I do think that the Syrians reacted to this attack in a way that helped to secure our people, and we very much appreciate that," said Rice, speaking in Stellarton, Nova Scotia. (CNN)
  • Syria has agreed to increase its cooperation with the US concerning the struggle against terrorism. (NBN)

Is this the beginning of a new era in US-Syrian relations? Is it really episode 1? What's next? Syria and USA united against Islamic radicalism? Or it's just a coincidence? All we can do is to wait and see.....


LebExile said...

wow - does this all seem too deja vu???

what next, they blow up a barracks in Baghdad and kill hundreds of US servicemen?

Assad junior is following his daddy's script to the letter.

hopefully once the new UN progress report on the Hariri assasination is out later this month - we will get more clearer answers as well as much more pressure on Syria.

The Syrians will definately try to destablise the region - maybe a couple more terror attacks in Lebanon, possibly even Syria.

but, I wouldn't hold my breath, they will try anything to get some heat off them - even smash the thermostat.

Meanwhile Hasarallah is hiding in a hole, the shia are being co-opted by the March 14 movement, and Iran is reeling over the loss of their pinch force in southern Lebanon ...

Things certainly don't look good for Iran and Syria - but, it is starting to look good from a Lebanese perspective.

As for it being a scary scenario, I dont think so, the Syrian regieme is getting desperate, they have long been known to send extremeists to launch an attack, do some local terrorism, and send their security forces to kill them all so that they cant be interrogated, then, they gold up pictures of the terror attacks and say that they are fighting terror, and if the regieme is gone, then, there will be alot more of this...

The problem is that, the Syrian regieme has become so complicit in terrorism and supporting terror organisations, that they are no longer viable as rulers.

Anonymous said...

You don't really beleive that do you? I mean,

2- & in Syria
3- Attacking the US embassay!!!!

Now that's funny.
I wonder on which level in the government this decision was made.