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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Being a MED II Student

I've heard a lot about the HUGE load of work that a med student should be committed to, specially in MED II, but let me tell you something: No one can appreciate the amount of dedication a MED II student put in his/her study more than another MED II student!

I can honestly say that I'm so close of being "socially-isolated". The amount of time you have 2 provide for your study is far more than the pathetic 24 hours that a day gives you! And you find yourself obliged to cut off all other aspects of your life, if you really wanna go on with your study.

Just to give you an idea about what we are going through. This picture of me studying on the roof of my dorm round midnight yesterday, was taken by my friend. I can't believe I'm living just 5 minutes away from Jemayze and Monot, and yet all what I'm doing is sitting on my butt and studying! But this is the truth....

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